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“Sing the World” was built from scratch so that it can come true in any given school. The costs of the project are completely supported by local institutions, public or private, town councils, and also by the profits from the DVD sales in the educational communities. It is important to point out that the purchase of the DVD by parents is absolutely optional, and it is not a necessary condition for their children to participate in the project.

Given its inclusive nature, the “Sing the World” project aims to reach most children and youngsters, regardless their race, beliefs, social or economic condition. All students without exception can participate in this experience that involves music, singing, new technologies, audio, lights, stage…


On the other hand, the fact that the parents don’t have means to purchase the DVD, should never be a hampering argument for the project to go ahead. “Sing the World” can be carried out as long as there is a will and determination to make this project come true.


That said, and bearing in mind the large experience in the viability of the project in hundreds of different schools in different European countries here are a few of the aspects that we consider to be essential for the success and the viability of the project “Sing the Worlds” in an educational community:


1. The school should take full responsibility for promoting the project by resorting to the following channels:


a) Introducing the project in parents’ meetings.

b) Writing an article about the project and sharing it in the school’s website and in social media.

c) Promoting the project in local newspapers and/or local radio stations.

d) Placing “Sing the World” posters in strategic places around the school.


2. Not less important, is the awareness of the schoolteachers themselves, for they will be the ones who will transmit and promote the project to the parents.


3. The school should look for potential local partners, public or private, that can help with the funding of the project, in exchange for advertising in the DVD that has yet been edited.


4. Similarly the local council, given its responsibility for the social-cultural development of the population, should also be contacted to enable the viability of the project.

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