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The Project

The Project

“Sing the World” brings the richness of the musical heritage from all around the world to the European youth, inviting students, teachers and parents from educational institutions to participate in the rehearsals, recordings and edition of a DVD of traditional songs from the four corners of the globe. In the end, everyone comes together for the presentation of the accomplished work, in a unique show full of emotions.
1. Rehearsals
2. Recordings

After choosing the songs for the DVD, the school will rehearse the students with the help of the music teachers. Teachers and parents are invited to form a group to rehearse their song as well.

After the rehearsal period, the groups are ready to start recording. For that purpose, a mobile-studio will be set up in the school itself (auditorium, library, music room, etc), so that the recordings can commence (audio and video). In addition to the songs, the school’s hymn is also recorded, which can be written for this purpose.

3. Production of the Master DVD
4. DVD Release

The contents captured in the school are then edited in studio, to give life to the master DVD, which contains the video clips of the songs, the school hymn, a documentary and some interviews with students and teachers about the project.

Students, teachers and parents come together for the presentation of the DVD and go on stage to sing live the songs recorded. The DVD’s are delivered on this day to the parents who ordered it.

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