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About us

"Sing the World" is a project that has built upon itself after being successfully implemented in various European countries by Clave de Soft - Music, Education and Culture. This institution has come to stand out for the importance of its proposals in the areas of education and culture. This is its curriculum:

As the activity of "singing" is one of the most important forms of expression in developing musical skills, Clave de Soft initiated with a project entitled "Traditional Songs - A Treasure to Discover" in 1999. Clave de Soft involved a whole school community - children, teachers and parents - in the recording and editing of a musical work with traditional Portuguese songs.


Since then it has been editing hundreds of works for several Portuguese educational institutions, creating new repertoires - Songs of the World, Christmas Carols, Celtic Songs, among others - and extending its range to other European countries - Spain, France and Republic of Ireland.

With a multidisciplinary team of music teachers, conductors, songwriters, musicians and actors, audio and video technicians, Clave de Soft has developed projects with more than 1000 public and private institutions in Europe. It has had Portuguese Government’s support since 2004 through advertising as well as by acknowledging it as “Project of Cultural Interest”.


In parallel with this project, Clave de Soft also develops other activities with the same goal: educating through music!


In 2005 it created its Music Academy with the target of offering the community of Lisbon an artistic educational service with a program that is defined according to the board of studies created by ABRSM - Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


In the school year of 2006/2007 Clave de Soft ran for the program set by the Ministry of Education to implement Musical Education as an extracurricular activity in Portuguese schools, and won the public contest in most of the state schools in Greater Lisbon. This goal was achieved by working directly with over 200 music teachers.


In 2007 it opened its first sound recording studio where it develops various projects, from recording solo artists, chorus, bands, philharmonics, folk; voice-over for radio and movies; to advertising films, and any new challenges that keep arising.


In 2013 it launched a new challenge called: “Cantar Portugal” (Singing Portugal). The aim is to work with Portuguese communities from around the world to give them the opportunity to reunite and reconnect with their roots through music. Furthermore, to record and edit their own musical DVD with traditional Portuguese songs.


After 17 years Clave de Soft keeps working with full conviction that musical education should be seen as a fundamental piece in the harmonious development of modern society.

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