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In this section we share the answers to some of the questions that are normally asked by the schools - Frequently Asked Questions. Click in the different categories to see the questions/answers.
If you still have not been clarified or have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us your question through our contact form.


If the DVD doesn’t sell, who will pay for the project?

If the DVD sale, along with other funding supports can’t cover the project’s costs, the school won’t have to assume any responsibility. Clave de Soft will always be fully responsible for any financial risk. However, the school should take on the full commitment of promoting of the project and transmitting its importance, alongside the school’s community. One of the fundamental aspects to explore is the introduction of the project at parents’ meeting.


Do the parents have to buy the DVD?

No, only if they want to. Although all the students should take part in the project (rehearsals, recordings, release), none of them have to buy the DVD to be able to participate.

My school is small. Is the project viable in my school?

Being that the project is funded by the voluntary purchase of the DVD, as well as the funding support of local institutions, if the school has a small dimension it becomes essential that external supports be relevant, since the number of DVD’s sales will also be small. If there are no external supports, the project will only be viable if the school takes it upon itself the purchase of a certain number of DVD’s that can enable its completion.

What are the costs associated with the project?

The costs associated with the project are those inherent to the recording and edition of the DVD, involving a professional team of musicians, songwriters, conductors, audio, multi-media and video technicians. They work on the making of the Master DVD, from the creation of the original themes and writing of the school hymn; the capturing of the voices and image of the participants; to the studio edition of the audiovisual contents for the composition and authoring of the DVD.


What is the duration of the project?

After the school decides to go ahead with the project, the next step is to define the groups of students (each group consists of two or more classes) and assign each group a song of "Sing the World" repertoire. The school board should also decide the dates for the recording and release of the DVD.

What is the next step after the school joins the project?

After the school decides to go ahead with the project, the next step is to define the groups of students (each group consists of two or more classes) and assign each group a song of "Sing the World" repertoire. The school board should also decide the dates for the recording and release of the DVD.

Does the school have some help with the planning of the project?

Yes. Given Clave de Soft’s 15-year experience carrying out such projects, we provide all the documentation and information required for the implementation of the project in its different phases. Most of this documentation can be found in our in the homepage by clicking on the School Access button.

How does the school access the support documentation for the project?

The school can download a set of documents that help to implement the project, from the school area of this web page. After the formalizing the  "Sing the World" project, you will be provided with a password.


Who chooses the songs to record on DVD?

The songs to be recorded and to be included on the DVD are entirely chosen by the school from the vast repertoire available in the "Sing the World" project.

How are songs chosen?

In school area in this website, the school has access to the entire repertoire available in different forms: MP3, sheet music, lyrics. Music teachers will then be able to listen and play the repertoire proposed by "Sing the World".

Can the school record a different repertoire than that there is available within the project?

Yes It can, as long as the songs the school want to record are traditional songs from everywhere in the world, and there already are quality orchestrations for those songs. If the school does not have the orchestrations, they can be created for this purpose depending on a previous study of viability.

School song

How is the school song created?

The school song is composed and orchestrated symphonically from a poem provided by the school. If the school already has a song, we will simply provide the orchestration.

What is the structure of the poem for the school song?

The poem for the school song should have at least 6 versus, all with identical metric to facilitate construction of the melody. To see examples of versus that have already been created by other schools click here.

DVD content

What is the content of the DVD?

The DVD contains video clips (shot in HDV - High Definition) staged by the entire educational community at the time of the recordings, the documentary and the school hymn, and interviews with students and teachers, as well as a poster / booklet with photographs of the groups.

How many songs can / should the DVD have?

The number of songs included on DVD depends on the number of students, teachers and parents who participate in the project. That is, the more participants there are, the more songs there are. However, the DVD has limited space and therefore it can never have more than 25 songs, including the school hymn.

What is the price of the DVD?

The final price of each DVD is generally 20 Euros, depending on the support provided. There have been cases where the town council supported the project in full, so the DVD was offered to all participants.

Parents autorization

Why do parents need to give their children permission to participate in "Sing the World"?

A permit is required by law given that the project involves capturing photographic and video images of minors.

How do parents allow capturing images of their children?

Parents allow capturing images of their children in the "Sing the World" project by downloading brochure.

Can students who are not allowed by their parents participate in "Sing the World"?

Students who do not have parental permission to be filmed on video may participate in all phases of the "Sing the World" (rehearsals, recordings, DVD release) project, as long as in the phase of the recordings they only participate in voice pickup. These students have to leave the group in the moment of image capture.


Are the classes that comprise each group rehearsing together?

No. Different classes singing the same song on the DVD should rehearse individually. They simply join in on the day of the recordings to sing together. Hence the importance of rehearsal with the help of the orchestration provided, since this is the musical reference for the different classes.

Is there any help to rehearse the songs to record?

Yes. Music teacher / kindergarten teacher can and should resort to resource for rehearsal the instrumental themes already sung by a reference voice which are available from the "Sing the World" repertoire, making the process a lot easier and effective for students.

How many students sing each song?

Groups of two or more classes for each song, an average of 60 students per group should be formed. Groups should not have less than 40 or more than 80 students, with some exceptions that must be agreed upon and communicated beforehand.


How much time is needed to record a song?

Each song is recorded within an hour. That means that in the 2 days set aside for the recording of this project, each group will only have to spend 1 hour of their school time to capture the images and the voices that will lead to the videoclip.

Where will the recording take place?

The recording will take place in various locations using our mobile studio, provided they meet the minimum acoustic conditions. The locations that are usually chosen are: the school auditorium, the school library, the music room, local auditorium, the latter being generally the best choice.

DVD production/edition

How long is the production and editing of DVD's?

On average, three weeks are required, since the content captured in school begin to be edited in the studio. Then the DVDs are duplicated and packaged.

DVD order

How can the DVD be ordered?

The DVD can be ordered in many ways.

DVD presentation/spectacle

What is the show for DVD release?

Who organizes the release show?

The show is organized both by the school and the “Sing the World" team.

What is the script of the show?

The script of the show is basically the songs on the DVD interpreted live by the groups that recorded them, presented by a student / teacher. If the school wishes, it can separate some songs with other performance prepared by its students. It can also invite an artist to enrich the show.

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